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i love me some Lorelei Gilmore :-)

Since when do you not like avocado? Since the day I said, " Gross, what is this?" and you said, "avocado". Gilmore Girls

I wish I had understood as a teenager how amazing this frenemy friendship was as I was watching it

Luke: Fine, but don't tip me. Tipping now is weird. Lorelai: Okay, besides I can tip you later. Luke: That was weird too. Lorelai: I'm a very awkward winker.

Gilmore Girls...saying the things I have always wanted to say with witt and

If all else fails, you can marry rich. I love that we always have that option. Gilmore Girls truth

How much would I pay for a Luke's coffee cup???? I really don't know. Best show ever. ;)

Ha ha! Ive never even seen this show but I find it hilarious. :)

Lauren Graham & Alexis Bledel in Gilmore Girls-- my all time favorite show. This is me and my mother.

This is how i felt when my morning sickness wouldn't allow me one cup of coffee a day... sigh :(