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“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” rib tattoo - love this quote but i think id do an anchor instead of the birds

tattoo birds

Live Free Tattoo with bird tattoo - Freaking LOVE this tattoo! Maybe say believe instead of live free?

tudo deixa uma marca..

everything leaves a mark.to leave a mark on my body as a constant reminder would be something I would never want to forget.

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So im just saying that anchors sink! So stop puting i refuse to sink next to your anchor tattoos!


One of these feathers would be a pretty cool for a dream catcher tat, or even on its own.

As Etéreas Tatuagens De Natureza Inspiradas Nas Mudanças De Estações

culturenlifestyle: “ Dainty & Ethereal Floral Tattoos by Pis Saro Crimean tattoo artist Pis Saro illustrates exquisite floral tattoos inspired by nature. Ethereal, dainty and feminine, the tattoos appear as watercolor painting on the skin.

Mermaid Tattoo Done by Michelle @ Skin Kitchen Des Moines Iowa 2013 MERMAID- In…

Our site can help you to choose the best mermaid tattoos from 30 amazing Mermaid tattoo designs for men and women with deeper significance.

Jellyfish tattoo - water colour inspired by Maddalena /Bamboo tattoo/ IG @Maddy Stramaglia Ruggiero

Love this, but I want more definition to the head, and not so much pink. Jellyfish tattoo - water colour inspired by Maddalena /Bamboo tattoo/ IG Stramaglia Ruggiero