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    We built this 101 model from the guts of an Atari 7800 preserving the 2nd fire button for the 7800 games Whitle still comatible with all the 2600 & 400/800 games. The images of the Arcade Joystick 101 Project are categorized and show the console, joystick controllers and accessories. You will also f...

    Diagram showing the assembly and intallation for Happ's Ultimate Joystick.

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      Diagram showing the assembly and intallation for Happ's Ultimate Joystick.

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    Wico Command Control Famous Red Ball Joystick :-: The famous older brother of the Baseball Bat Joystick, this controller is just a thing of beauty. & would look amazing in a display case. Built to be practically indestructible, the joystick was very much built to emulate arcade style joysticks of the age and intended for the wanton destruction of all video games. A very solid and base heavy device, a user could select via a slide switch whether to fire from the base or the stick.

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    Commodore Model 1311 Joystick :-: This odd looking joystick has as special beauty in its many flaws. Sold often with the Commodre VIC-20, the joystick oddly featured a triangular cross-section shaft, originally intended for good grip, but surely the result of many a hand spasm! The controller was also somewhat small to hold and it over-sized over-molded red firing button did nothing for excellent game play.

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