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"Witch-Crafted" Road Opener Oil, from the Barefoot Witchery. Infused with herbs & fine essential oils such as Five Finger Grass, Lemon Balm, High John, Chickory & especially Abre Camino, which is known as Road Opener, and other fine ingredients. If you find a Road Opener Oil that doesn't have Abre Camino, it's not genuine Road Opener oil. This oil contains all of the key ingredients. It's also scented as genuine Hoodoo traditional Road Opener oils are supposed to be, w/coconut, rose…

Blue Magic Oil: bay leaf, sweet cinnamon chips from Madagascar, myrrh resin, red rose petals, blue vervain, red wine, hyssop, Celtic and Dead Sea salts... used to eliminate negative energies, break hexes, remove jinxes and uncross conditions.

Magickal Oil: Gently warm 1 Cup of a Natural Oil (I like Olive Oil) and steep a Tablespoon of desired herbs in the oil. Do not boil! If it isn't aromatic enough or you like strong oil, steep a little more herbs in it. Remember it's the intent that really counts! How to use: You can put these Magickal Oils on anything really it just depends on the herb and it's correspondence. Wear it on your body, Put it on your car for protection, Put near the bed to sleep, and anywhere you like! - Ariel =)

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Essential Oils . . . How Do I Use Them?

Essential Oils . . . How Do I Use Them? You can learn more or order pure doTERRA oils at

nature stones- we all know the herbs and their symbology. Taking usual divination for inspiration and using same symbolic plant to press the pattern ;) - new very personal divination set. One should of course write the plants down and what they stand for

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How to Make Lavender Essential Oil Extract

How to Make Lavender Essential Oil (this is actually a tincture... according to page... :) )

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Spice Labels Jar Labels Tags instant download printable images digital collage sheet VD0612

HERB JAR LABELS , HAVE TO REMEMBER TO USE THESE FOR MY HERBS... - / Spice Labels Jar Labels Tags instant download by VectoriaDesigns, $3.95

Marriage Repair Set, A Barefoot Witchery Exclusive Original. Sometimes love is fragile, hearts get bruised, and our words or actions can't be undone. Just because something's broken doesn't always mean you have to throw it out. (Except in extreme cases.In no way would I ever encourage someone to remain in a domestic abuse situation.)If 2 people are in agreement in trying to work things out, Marriage Repair may be just the thing you need to give your efforts a magical boost of energy…

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How to Make Homemade Essential Oils With a Crock-Pot

make your own essential oils in a crock pot! good for scenting your homemade soaps, perfumes and candles

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Scented Room Spray {Holiday Craft Along Gifts

{love the decorations for gifts} DIY-Room spray - To make, simply mix: 4 ounces of Distilled Water 2 ounces of Witch Hazel and 1 tablespoon of Scented Oil

Scott Cunningham’s All-Purpose South Spell: “Write or make a symbol of your need on a piece of paper cut into a triangle. While visualizing your need, place the appropriate enchanted herbs in the center of the paper and crumble it tightly so that the herbs are trapped inside the paper. Anoint with oils if you wish. Build a roaring fire in a n outside pit or indoor fire place. Throw the herb packet into the fire. As it touches the flames firmly visualize your need.”