Ribbon holder

glitter in salt shakers... how smart is that??

Tic Tac Boxen recycling od. Webband-Aufbewahrung !!!Was für eine geniale Idee!!!

Awesome idea

I'm totally doing this. Pants hanger = ribbon storage.

ribbons organizer

I actually use this very idea in my studio closet--LLAbbott --- CRAFT ORGANIZER. Good idea!

Great idea

Ribbon dispenser from plastic bottles.

Tin cans for organizing craft supplies! Cute way to organize all my craft stuff!!

Shower curtain hooks as purse holders.

Organize your crafty stuff with a ribbon holder. #crafts #getorganized

gift bag organization - I love this and the tissue paper organization




Buy bathroom suction baskets and use in fridge! Why do I not think of these things!

Great ribbon storage!

Homemade can storage from a soda box! Why didn't I think of this?? GENIUS

organizing the cords

So simple; Who's the genius?