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    that thing is like a brick.

    • Kristen Burns

      "A rose is not a good symbol for love. Roses wilt. I will not give you a rose or even flowers. Our love is forever. So here is a Nokia phone." LMAO perfect symbol. i used to have a Nokia. I would know. #humor #funny #nokia #love #dating #relationships #romance

    • Tasha Pedersen

      sooo true I was telling Nick how I want the new Nokia phone when I can get one cuz that thing will work forever!!!

    • Morag Rethans

      Our love is forever, so here is a Nokia phone - Funny note explains why roses are not a good symbol for love because they wilt.

    • Maddie Klingaman

      I think what is funny is that the Nokia Phone didn't last forever, so now what's this guy got to say about his love? LOL.

    • Caitlyn Metcalf

      This is really sweet, but also quite funny. Most everyone knows that it is nearly impossible to "kill" the old Nokia phones. I mean those things are practically indestructible. Love this, it is too funny!

    • Chay King

      Those things are invincible! #love #relationships #humor #funny #Nokia #phone

    • Rachel Tozer

      Omg I think if I was proposed to with a Nokia phone I would die laughing haha

    • Carmen Wiebold

      Too funny! True love is as strong as a Nokia phone...

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