picture arrangement

Trendy Schmendy: guide to: gallery wall

photo wall

good gallery wall

wall full o' pictures!

What television? A clever eclectic wall grid idea.

photo walls

Love the photo collage wall decor :) framed mirror?, large A with photos (mod-podged)

gallery wall

gallery wall

photo wall

Great picture wall via @HomeGoods but I wanna do it on the bedroom walls, like a his and hers

Decoration: Creative Ways To Hang Pictures On The Wall, unique ways to hang pictures on stair case wall, unique ways to hang pictures on a w...

Gallery Wall

gallery wall like the idea of using pictures you've taken on your travels instead of photos of family

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Displaying Your Family Photos on Your Walls

Family pictures

Picture display

Gallery wall picture frame organization ideas...in case I ever manage to print all the photos I want to display

photo wall using a picture ledge which would keep me from a) obsessing over perfecting the distances between pictures and b) putting a jillion nail holes in the wall. @Holly Erwin. this would be great over your couch!