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  • Beth Shellenberger

    Easy Pipe-cleaner Finger Puppets for Easter, great craft to make with toddlers - OR pencil toppers for back to homeschool party craft idea

  • vanessa cobarrubia

    crafts with pipe cleaners for kids | Easy Easter Crafts: Easter Finger Puppets | Craft Jr.

  • Sherry Hay

    kids crafts | Easy Easter Crafts: Easter Finger Puppets | Craft Jr.

  • Allison Mero

    EASTER CRAFT: Easter Finger Puppets out pencil topper (tute) ( Pipe cleaners of various colors Mini pom poms of various colors and sizes (you can substitute cotton balls sometimes) Googly eyes Hot glue gun Wire cutters (Our local Dollar Store had great cheap coordinating sets of pipe cleaners with matching pom poms))

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We're always on the lookout for fun things to do with pipe cleaners, and this project from Heather at dollarstorecrafts... will keep kids occupied for hours, especially when the pipecleaner dinosaurs need cute habitats.

Pipe cleaner dinosaur. These colorful dinosaur can be made with a pipe cleaner four only hand without tools.

Using finger puppets to tell a story (fine motor) then having the child copy the story to work on writing With Pipe Cleaners. Do it self fabulous crowns and tiaras!

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Kid crafts - Felt Pipe Cleaner Creatures. This type of animal fits comfortably into a pocket or pencil case.

Felt Finger Puppets I made some of these for my son when he was about 2 to help teach him the names of animals and to encourage speech. We still have them today and he is now 9. I made a small pull string bag to store them in and we used the large popsicle sticks

Pipe cleaner dinosaur! These colorful dinosaur can be made with a pipe cleaner by hand without tools.

Bunny finger puppets - easy to make and perfect for practicing early literacy skills!

another beautiful flower made from pipe cleaners