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    Whimsical Wooden Tree House Brings Nature, Music to Life in Portland, Oregon - Architect Robert Harvey Oshatz. #architecture #treehouse #nature

    How to make a book on the bookshelf a secret Switch. - just in case we ever decide to build a secret room.

    Secret tree house hiding place.

    Secret door - love this idea.. until my mother said "what if there was a fire, and she was behind the "secret door" and the firemen never knew to get her out"........ thanks mom... thanks for being a pessimist and ruining the fun....

    Hidden Doors, Secret Rooms, and the Hardware that makes it possible

    How can anyone afford that!?! soo cool!!

    Secret Rooms Compartments Doors copy Secret Rooms, Hidden Compartments & Mystery Doors

    Garden with secret door

    I want a secret room like this one day

    Secret passage-I want one

    DIYFriday Wooden Plaque Door Sign - customizable for holidays

    WHAT?? The door to an underground storm shelter/panic room/secret hid out in the kitchen island! Best secret passage ever!! Definitely a dream home feature! (would also be good if someone broke into your house and you had to hide somewhere) LOVE THIS !!!

    Hidden Stone Door to Secret Room

    Moving Wall Panel Door Conceals Secret Room

    Hidden Doors, Secret Rooms, and the Hardware that makes it possible! - Fine Homebuilding

    barn doors. gorgeousness

    Top ten secret doorways. I've always wanted secret rooms/passages in my house. So cool!

    hidden rooms//secret passages. seriously a requirement in my future home. #creativehomeengineering

    the secret bookcase

    I currently have no need for a hidden door to a secret room, but I seriously want one.