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  • Whitney Savannah

    I feel this way exactly! And not just about our pups. When we were spending all we had (or rather, didn't have) on trying to save our ferret Stewart, people said, "It's just a ferret." He wasn't just a ferret, he was our baby, and we don't regret spending 2500 dollars trying to save him.

  • Tricia Kuzyk

    Rover 99 - Dog Quote | Posters

  • Jessica Trier

    People say I'm too obsessed with my cat..this sums it up pretty well. Your pets are not just a dog, or just a cat, they are a loyal companion and friend <3

  • Natasa Valderama Bozulic

    Dog lovers will understand

  • Lucy Garcia-Trevino

    to all the insensitive people who think dogs (and all animals for that matter) do not live for their own purpose or are not as valuable as human beings.

  • Susan Knerr

    They are never "Just A Dog" - Love my furry friends

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