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Art of Randal Spangler.This is an actual cookbook published in I'm going to have to find it!

Red Bull Literally Gave Me Wings #humor #funny #lol #comedy #chiste #fun #chistes #meme

Red Bull Literally Gave Me Wings #humor #funny #lol #comedy #chiste #fun #chistes #meme

Red Wings!

No truer words have ever been spoken. Detroit Red Wings D-man extraordinaire, Nick Lidstrom

Right Wing Humor: Food Stamp are not Entitlements, but rather Handou...

Get it straight- welfare, food stamps, WIC, etc. are taxpayer funded handouts, money that someone else worked for. They are NOT entitlements.

harry potter and the chamber of secrets- harry & Ron | The Chamber of Secrets - Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Photo (23868816 ...

Great Garage Doors

Chamber of Secrets: Bringing couples together since 1992 Lol so true

I apologize for the language but this is too true to pass by

If we don’t pay attention, the Left will destroy what’s left of the Constitution – starting with the First and Second Amendments.