photogenic guy and mean two favorite things

He's more photogenic than I am! Maybe I should replace my senior pictures with this.....

mmm...if only Ryan, if only..

Funky fresh blue hair? Check. Crowd of people watching me strut like I'm on the catwalk? Check. Questioning my sexuality in this flowy skirt as I strut down a catwalk? Check.

Haha! Hey Girl Christian

Random Pictures Of The Day - 68 Pics

lits hilar


lmfao! hahaha

ridiculously photogenic guy!

hahahahaha ohh mean girls

That's right!!! There's only one man who can look amazing running in a freaking suit - Tom Hiddleston!! Let's face it- he'd make a potato sack look hot:)

smart girls

Minho and TOP xD LOL

should have listened in class.

Ridiculously photogenic guy makes grumpy cat not a parallel universe!!!!! Grumpy cat will be forever grumpy! But look at his face :) HE LOOKS LIKE RANBIR KAPOOR GUYS.

Nailed it.

This!! This happens to me every time I see a new picture of Tom! I have snorted out milkshake, Dr pepper and Diet pepsi at one time or another!!

Ridiculously Photogenic Metalhead

Oh. my. god.