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  • Jillian Doty

    This is a 69 year old truck driver. He has been driving for 28 years; the left side of his face received constant sun exposure.

  • Lacy Decker

    This is why you wear sunscreen: left side of his face has been exposed to the sun for 28 years (he's a truck driver - so from the driver's side window).

  • Ainuddin Mohamad aka ainmohd

    Shocking Proof That the Sun Makes You Age Prematurely - This guy is 69 years old, but half of his face looks much, much older than that. He was a trucker and, for 28 years, his face received much more sunlight on the left side, resulting on premature aging.

  • Barbara Lowe
    Barbara Lowe • 1 year ago

    I was guilty of laying out in the sun when I was very young but soon learned my lesson, I got burnt every time chasing the 'healthy' tanned look, I never could go brown having very fair skin and freckles, luckily I escaped any serious harm and now never sit in the sun. To my mind now pale is beautiful, different and skin that is not exposed to the sun will stay younger looking as one ages. If you like the tanned look there are so many wonderful fake tans now, no need to burn or wrinkle!!

  • Future Focus
    Future Focus • 1 year ago

    Yes I am so glad awareness is out there and our tanning options have improved

  • Future Focus
    Future Focus • 1 year ago

    Your skin looks nice.. Freckles are under appreciated!

  • Barbara Lowe
    Barbara Lowe • 1 year ago

    My late Mum used to call them 'Angels Kisses' that photo was taken on my 60th birthday, now 62 can't believe it as I only feel 30 inside lol!

  • Future Focus
    Future Focus • 1 year ago

    Wow you look great!

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