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Sassy Pants - LOL!

"Outta the way world. I've got my sassy pants on today. mallorca I think your Tron-pants would be equivalent to sassy pants. I think it would be best if you found a spare pair.

I love how my thighs look when I sit down wearing shorts. -Said no one ever.

If you ever see me wearing shorts and sitting at the very edge of a chair it's because I looked down saw the whales that had replaced my thighs and scooted forward until they looked small again lol.

I like the stick figure families but this did make me laugh :)

That made me laugh once I got it! It took me a second after I read it then I finally pictured the stick figure family car window things!

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Your pity party on FB should have been created under events so we could have chosen to attend or not.


Bahahaha, oh so true.people should not post drama on fb, hence why I deleted mine.

i've got some kiddos that have multiple pairs of sassy pants :)

ecards lol reminds me of something Ken Barbie from Toy Story 3 would say.

haha @Vanessa Gregory this is pretty much your description of me, except, everyday.

Funny Weekend Ecard: Outta the way, world. I've got my sassy pants on today. (Too funny!