Brunch! french toast kabobs!

strawberry cream cheese stuffed french toast. i've had this recipe bookmarked for sooo long, but i'm always too tired in the morning to make a breakfast like this

Coconut French Toast

French Toast Kabobs for baby shower or bridal shower. Good brunch idea.

french toast + strawberry butter

French Toast Skewers...35 calories each. So cute!

French toast kebobs- perfect for a brunch!

Salad Kabobs--cute idea next time I need to "bring a dish." On a wooden skewer, lettuce, cuke, egg, cherry tomato, crouton. Can put a dish of dressing with it.

Strawberry + Angel Food Cake Kabobs

Cream cheese French toast casserole- perfect for a holiday morning!

amazing kabobs!

French Toast Casserole - this is one of my all time favorite brunch items. So easy and is always devoured.

Cinnamon Sugar French Toast Bites

Grape Caterpillar Kebobs! Fun summer snack! How cute are these!

Pumpkin French Toast Bake