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    TLC Family "Altoids Tin Flashlight"

    There are many designs for iPhone chargers out there and many are confusing or use parts that are hard to find.  My design uses parts that are easy t...

    Altoids tin led flashlight tutorial

    Middle school teacher Joshua Zimmerman streamlines the Altoid-tin-turned-flashlight project with his relatively simple version, using a cute Altoid Smalls tin. He says he spent less than 4 bucks, t...

    Create DIY mini speakers from an old Altoids tin.

    Altoids speaker

    How to #make a #LEGO Flashlight Brick. Nifty.

    Ice-skating rink from an Altoids tin: You can make this cute, little, portable toy, using only a magnet, a paperclip, an empty altoid tin, and some basic drawing skills! Check out this tutorial, and other fun ideas on “small world land”.

    9 Cool DIY Tech Projects to Impress Your Friends. Love the altoids solar phone charger!!

    Bushcraft Strap Clip - Not just a handsome emblem of quality, this small belt clip can be attached to a pack without undoing the straps, and gives secure and easy access to hydration tubes, flashlights and scopes. + Small Strap CLIP thick durable leather flexible titanium back plate titanium recycled from aerospace industry high-viz elastic cord tough metal cord lock leather pull tab hand manufactured by Bush Smarts in New York + DIMENSIONS 1.75” square 1oz

    diy lipbalm

    Balloon Bowls!! Easier than it looks. -- 29 creative crafts for kids that adults will actually enjoy doing, too!

    Altoids Mini Tool Box for Father's Day

    Make your own flashlight

    Make Twine from Scrap Fabric

    diy portable phone charger, made from rechargeable batteries, solar cell & altoids tin

    Altoid tin uses

    Sun melted crayon CANDLE - Fun Summer project for kids

    little art piece tin fridge magnets

    Game Kit - Smart way to store some fun for the adventuring. Pack of cards, some dice, pad of paper, and a pencil in an altoids can.

    Weaving with a hulla hoop I'm sure many fabrics could be upcycled for this project.