Baked Corn Dog Nuggets... I just used 2 boxes of Jiffy Cornbread mix and cut up 4 hotdogs. Made about 40-45 mini muffins.

Jiffy corn muffin mix & hot dogs

Cheesy Corn Dog Muffins. I double the milk and use a heaping cup of cheese. I also use hot dogs and cut them into circles, and then the circles in half.

Cowboy crack with rotel, cream cheese, white corn and ground sausage. Serve with fritos

Cupcake Pizzas ... better than bagel bites!

Fried Pickle Chips. OH YES.

Pancake bites. Use your favorite mix, pour into muffin tins, add fruit, nuts, sausage, bacon... bake 350 for 12-14 min. :)

Fried pickles

Thanksgiving Turkey Soup Pot - Recipe 100% Cotton Flour Sack Dish Towel Tea Towel

Crescent Pepperoni Roll Ups

French Toast Breakfast Muffins. Taste exactly like French toast!!! Made with skim milk and light butter was only 121 calories a muffin if you make 12!

i should be mopping the floor: Lunch Box Sandwich Alternatives

Another great chart for packing lunches!

Corn Dog Muffins Recipe -"Our three boys were always asking for corn dogs, so I came up with this fast way to deliver the same flavor," explains Lynita Arteberry of Plankinton, South Dakota. These sweet corn bread muffins, chock-full of hot dog chunks and corn kernels, taste just like the real thing.

Corn Casserole Recipe ~ So delsih... It doesnt have the usual texture of corn souffle, but rather a moist cornbread texture. Its very satisfying: a rib sticking and a hearty side dish.

Wine Night?? Crescent rolls, slice of Brie, slice of tart apple (peeled is best), pecans, drizzle of honey. 375 oven for 13 to 15 minutes. Yummy!

Mexican Grilled Corn

Corn crisps - yep as a side dish or app

All Natural Bison Hot Dogs! Gourmet Bison Franks -- No MSG. Gluten Free. No added Nitrates or Nitrites. Made from Bison Meat -- no other meats or fats used! Awesomely delicious Hot Dogs in a Jumbo, 3 oz. size.

Better Than Take-Out Fried Rice