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Johnny Appleseed Glyph! Getting ready for FALL!

Celebrate apples and the legend of Johnny Appleseed! You can create one, two, or three craftivities with your little ones... and complete a writing...

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Teaching With Love and Laughter: Johnny Appleseed 3-2-1 Reading Strategy

Just Wild About Teaching: Johnny Appleseed Craftivity and a Special Thanks 2 a Bloggy Gal

You can use these readings and printables for literacy or ELA centers, class work or homework during the month of September. They can also be used for warm ups, body of the lesson or closing up.This set includes:READINGS:1.Who was John Chapman?2.A bit of Johnny Appleseed history part 1.3.A bit of Johnny Appleseed history part 2.4.Quick facts about John Chapman.5.Johnny Appleseed poem.PRINTABLES:1.Johnny Appleseed song (sung to Do you know the Muffin man?)2.Write facts about Johnny Appleseed ( a ...

A Cupcake for the Teacher: Johnny Appleseed {Craftivities}