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True love is like playing chess. A boy plays and always afraid of losing his queen and a girl risking everything just to protect her king.

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I'm no princess, I got this shit handled | Women's T-Shirt

A good woman can fight her own battles. That doesn't mean she wouldn't want someone fighting beside her

This is why I find Valentine's Day ridiculous, if you need an actual day to show your love to someone, you're a complete idiot and if you stay in a relationship like that, you're even a bigger idiot.

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Because perfect guys don't exisit, but there's always one guy that is perfect for you. Bob Marley

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How Might Diva Feminist Beyoncé Respond To The Mommy Wars?

A girl said to me once, "You shouldn't have gotten the job, they should have offered it to me." My response: "Well did you ask for it? No? Well, you don't get what you don't take." Hustle.