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Homemade Crafts for Kids

Homemade Crafts for Kids - Crafts and Activities for Kids -

Night Sky Activities for Preschool: Galaxy Slime

Make this beautiful, sparkly, stretchy slime that looks just like the swirls of a galaxy and keep your preschooler entertained for hours! Borax-free recipe

What Can We Do Today? Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting by Picklebums. Reminder of a place to put all those paintings. A problem we often have at home, but should not have in class.

Drawing Activity for Kids :: Simon Says, Draw!

Simon says, Draw! is a fun, interactive drawing activity for kids and families that allows them to take turns dictating the marks, designs, or images made.

Paper Plate Banjo - Kid Craft

Paper Plate Banjo; paper plate; yarn; pipe cleaner; tissue paper; music, instrument theme