¿Cuales son tus gafas?

What Eyewear Frames Match Your Face Shape?


Dress accordingly.... Colors make a difference!

Who can relate?


Haha yup


tortoise shell frames - they go with everything! -- if I ever need glasses

Spectacle Frames For Men - Choosing The Perfect Pair of Glasses for Yourself | Art of Style

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A genetic mutation I want


Petrichor, tee hee

I swear to god I laughed so hard at this I started making inhuman noises, and crying. My aunt is probably terrified of me right now!

http://affiliate.mynewsportal.net - In case of fire, exit building BEFORE tweeting about it. Bwahahaha! So true.

Pink and green eyeglass frames AKA 1908 #followprettypearlsinc

Explaning Les Mis. I love these two together.