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    • Louella Nygaard

      Why struggle with store bought/plain window shades? You can hot glue your favorite fabric to the back of your valance.

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    Use colored masking tape instead of ribbon to wrap gifts.

    Use colored masking tape instead of ribbon. I used red for this package.

    Do away with the wrapping paper for a more eco-friendly present. I used 4 bamboo placemats to wrap the coffee and tea containers. I was able to find 4 cups in a metal holder that I wrapped with 4 more bamboo placemats. The paper plate is for the bottom so the things don't fall through. By wrapping raffia underneath and over and then around the center, you have a great handle and nice gift.

    (wedding or shower gift) Wrap bamboo placemats around coffee cups and cans of coffee/tea. Tie with raffia and there you go. Be eco-friendly by not using wrapping paper.

    mason jar painted vase

    Valentine holder/ sock monster Use an empty milk jug as a holder for the kiddies valentines. When that is done. It can be used for dirty socks. You will then have the mates in one place.

    Use your old bud vases for a cute snowman that you can fill with candy or burn a candle.

    Extend the middle of $1 store fuzzy Christmas stockings for a very large, large, stocking.

    This pumpkin can add charm to your home from September through November. All you need is: a glue gun batting orange acrylic paint stick fake leaf green pipe cleaner embroidery floss (orange) nude colored nylon or old pantyhose Make a ball with nylon stuffed with batting(cotton) and tie off. Paint the whole ball orange. When dry, Make segments with floss to look like a pumpkin. Hot glue the stick over the knots. Hot glue a leaf and enjoy for many months.

    This wearable art is made from the lid of a tin can. There is a pin clasp on the back.

    Dollar store scarves can make cute decor for any room.

    Easy, cute shadow box. I used a doll and some accessories, but you could put anything in these open frames of wood.

    An old pizza pan can make a great Fall decoration.

    I have a ton of lemon squeeze bottles around. They make great frozen ice packs for your lunch boxes. Make sure to fill only 3/4 full and push lid down after the bottle is frozen.

    Use old shirts or leftover fabric to make these wonderful coasters. Braid 1 1/2 inch strips and stitch them into flat circles. The red and green ones come out at Christmas time. You can also wash them but let air dry.

    Use your meat tenderizer tool to imprint fast and easy peanut butter cookies.

    If the drought is affecting your plants here is a Dollar Tree solution. I poke holes into the dirt with the dowel part of a wooden spoon and drop these marble-sized polymers into the ground. They absorb water and keep your plants hydrated. Thanks Dollar Tree for selling these great little miracles for only $1.

    The 4th of July is more fun with strawberries dipped in a dolci frutta white shell and served on a colored plastic spoon. It can make a centerpiece or you could make several plates and strategically place them around your picnic area.

    My grand daughter loves to come to Grandma's and get a special treat. I add the powdered mix of her choice and drill a hole in the plastic lid to put the straw. No messes and we are both happy campers.

    Take an old shoe box and transform it into something special for holding cards. I made on for a 50th wedding anniversary and it was a hit. You will have a place to keep all those memories in a fashionable box. I used aluminum foil to wrap it like a present and added all the touches of paper lace, ribbon, stickers, etc. The lid just sits in there and will come out easily to cover the box when your event is over.

    Why struggle with store bought/plain window shades? You can hot glue your favorite fabric to the back of your valance.

    Stitch up some of those odds and ends of fabric pieces to make this great picture frame. The strips are sewn only in the middle so you have a rustic look. Glue on a few buttons and you're ready to go.

    I wrapped sticks with strips of fabric and glued the intersections together to make a star decoration.

    I made these styrofoam balls with hot glue and rope. The bowl also has pinecones, pine needles, a bundle of sticks and a horseshoe.

    Wired grapevine and a metal star make up this simple decor item.