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Actually very similar to what I want on my upper back... With light pink shading and a blue morpho butterfly

I'd have to do research to see how long this would "last", but I think if I were to do a tattoo, this might be something I'd consider: light ink!

White Ink Sleeve - the first time a white ink tattoo has really grabbed my attention or made me desire one!

White ink tattoo. For all who want white ink tattoos let me give you advice on how these work... A) white is prone to fading quickly B) it may have to be done more then once to get the solid white in there. C. the design you want has to be pretty basic and simple (so no shading...just straight up line work) Advice given by my boyfriend who is a tattoo artist

white ink lace sleeve... beautiful....and kind of blows my mind:)

I don't understand white ink tattoos. They look as if you have scars. People pay a lot of money to get rid of scars....and then there are the people who pay money to look as if they have them.

Small Phoenix Tattoo for Girls | Ankle Tattoo Design 27

white ink tattoo. Since I would ONLY EVER put myself through this pain to keep a memory or my faith alive, and not to show off

white feather tattoo. white ink tattoos are stupid! you might as well get scarification. scarification will actually last, won't turn brown in the sun, and it looks exactly the same. I have seen soo many posts of scarifications and the caption will say white ink... like no! go away..