The Snow Queen book cover by Jan Balet

The Snow Queen by Martha Bennett King, illustrated by Jan B. Container Corporation, First edition. (Little Stour Books, Canterbury)

Ed Powers, The Elephant Book

The Elephant Book cover by Ed Powers, 1963 - contains my absolute all time favourite joke

Vintage Russian children’s book cover, from my blog post HERE.

Gelsomino by Gianni Rodari Book art by Lev Tokmakov, great russian book artist and illustrator. Book of 1960

"Ilustrowany słownik dla dzieci | francusko-polski | polsko-francuski" - oprac. graf. Adam Kilian

Poetry and Experience - vintage book cover Polish book cover British Butterflies Bullitt The Last Skin


The Up and Down Book Mary Blair ~ Golden Press, 1964 If haven't heard, this summer Golden Books is releasing A Mary Blair Treasury of Go.

Cafe Cartolina: 2010-04-18

Heidi (written by Johanna Spyri) cover illustrated by Roberta Macdonald, Junior Deluxe Editions, 1954

The Owl Service by Alan Garner, 1968     I can't immediately find out who the cover illustration is by - but to me it's classic late-60s design

The Owl Service by Alan Garner. The Owl Service interprets a story from the Welsh Mabinogion, namely, portions of the story of "Math Son of Mathonwy.