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Infographics on Multiple Sclerosis Treatment | Medindia

A plethora of Gluten free recipes!*Dinner, breakfast, breads, desserts*

They said you can't do this with MS, They said no you shouldn't do that either with MS, I said fuck you, I did it.

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In this Dialogue in Design infographic, Verilogue draws insightful conversational insights from their collection of real Multiple Sclerosis exam room

A Multiple Sclerosis Etiquette Guide for People Who Don't Have MS #ms #multiplesclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis, I have a bear like this. I got it from my 2 best friends who also have M.S. Now we are "The Three M.S. Kateers"!

Multiple Sclerosis Day :'-( I hate it for my 1DurBean & she is the one who always has a smile, apologizes for stuff we all do & we think nothing of it AND she is a perfect example of the person who inconsiderate people say "you don't look sick" The reason why that is, is because she is fighting NOT to be sick!!! Some people live to be sick she is living NOT to be sick!

Multiple Sclerosis - you never know what you will wake up with.......daily adventure is how I look at it & adapt to what is.

This is a strange phenomenon. (VR H is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest -- so we are very aware of this epidemic).