smoothie packs for the freezer

diy smoothie packs

Smoothie packs! Strawberry, banana, blueberry with spinach! Add orange juice, flax seed, chia seeds, and maybe some protein powder.


smoothies-prepare them ahead of time and throw them in a blender with almond milk.

Make Frozen Spinach Cubes for your Green Smoothie! Great way to save that spinach before it goes bad

prepare fruit or veggie bowls for the week


DIY Fruit and Yogurt Smoothies Bags | One Hundred Dollars a Month

Health smoothie recipes ♥ Recipes for healthy smoothies One green smoothie each day can pack in all of the important nutrients you need to reach your health goals. Many people, however, are not getting the most out of their green smoothies. It’s possible to go too far by loading up with too many nutrients or making a green smoothie the only healthy part of a diet. Let’s check out common mistakes and the best tips for getting the most out of a green smoothie | great article & #inforgraphic .....

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Smoothie Recipes

You'll love this peanut butter banana smoothie!! It's easy to make and packed with protein-rich ingredients that will give you lots and lots of energy. - Dinner Menu Images For Websites

foil pack bacon-ranch potatoes

Frozen Greek Yogurt Trail Mix Bars.

Flat Belly Diet Smoothie Recipes These 10 delicious fruit smoothies for weight loss will help you shed belly fat and flatten your stomach

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