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bookfessions Reading a book is like dreaming. You can't control what's going to happen, but it takes you into a different world.

Books. Wow

The Magic of Books… Richards Richards Richards Richards Arndt Taylor

i wish this was true

the major geek in me really wishes this was true! if only. this would be amazing. i'd hope it was Heaven is For Real so i could go to Heaven with Coulten!

Hate when this happens!

Problems of a book nerd.sometimes I get so excited about what is going to come next I cover the bottom of the page with my hand or a bookmark just so I won't be tempted! I've ruined many plot twists before I finally started doing this!

Yes I do.... Never know quite what to do afterward.  Feels weird to just move right on to a new book.

With either a huge smile on my face, tears in my eyes or just a look of disbelief.this is true with the Hunger Games Trilogy.

It's like in Slated: But where's Ben? She hasn't found Ben yet.

It's a terrible feeling , it happened in the mark of Athena I thought there were more pages but it turned out to be a STUPID GLOSSARY<<<<<< I KNOW RIGHT! Fall for every time!

TRUE LIFE-I love the fact that when I open a new book, I am invited to a new world, a new universe, and a whole new life without leaving my bedroom.

Hello...I'm reading here!

Lazy Sunday Thoughts: DNF and a Movie

Pet peeve: when someone assumes that when you are reading a book, that you are 'doing nothing' and therefore can be interrupted. So annoying

This happens to me all the time because I suck at pronouncing things. For example take the Throne of Glass series. I used to think that Choal was pronoumced Cole which is so wrong!

Finding out your mental pronunciation of a character's name is very, very wrong, and it hurts your ears to hear the "correction. "Hermione," anyone?

ever wanted to do this? {raises hand} I feel they're every feeling,  including stupidity and embarrassment

Sometimes I want to slap the characters with their own book.oh yes! Bella Swan is the first one on that list! and sometimes Edward but i love him far more than Bella! and Katniss as well a few times for some things!