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just-littlethings is a great tumbler. the bits of almost daily inspiration make you remember to appreciate what you have and where you're at. it's a "little thing" in itself.

when little kids reach to hold your hands thinking your their mom, and then the look up and realize your not their mommy; this happens to me often.

One of my most favorite things that time of year, and probably why I put my trees up earlier and earlier every year. :)

"A list of little things we should appreciate". So true. I love this one ♥

Waking up this morning was truly such a sweet moment.

Especially during the colder months of the year, when, like a cat, you instinctively seek out even the most narrow of sunbeams. #sun #happiness #bliss #simple_things_in_life

Just Little Things ... I always turn the radio up when this happens.

Appreciate be in gratitude of simple things bring great joy.

A hug... just one of those little things I love