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Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Word Walls for Writing Center

No more "How do I spell?" Word Walls

Scholastic Teachersfrom Scholastic Teachers

Totally Hooked! The Many Uses for Stick-On Hooks in My Classroom

portable word wall- like this idea a lot!

Personalized Word "Walls" Each child gets a page with the alphabet on it, when they ask the teacher to spell a word, the teacher writes it on their personal word wall page.

"I have buckets that I have transformed into seating for students that chose to work in there (great for ADHD and Autistic students)" Love this!

Each time a student BLURTS out loud without raising hand they have to take one down. Last person to have all 3 gets rewarded! This is awesome!

Little Minds at Workfrom Little Minds at Work

Guided Reading in Kindergarten {freebies}

Little Minds at Work: Guided Reading in Kindergarten {freebies & more}

Little Minds at Workfrom Little Minds at Work

Teacher! Teacher! How do I spell...?

Little Minds at Work: Teacher! Teacher! How do I #softskills #self personality|

Word boxes: If a student doesn't know how to spell a word, they check the card in the box. If it's not there, they bring the card to me, we spell it together, and then the card goes back in its spot when they're done. Promotes independent writers!

School Words Word Wall {FREE}. Includes a personal word wall for students, a file-folder word wall for the writing/word work center and big cards for the classroom wall. In color and black and white.