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Illustration by Steph Laberis #animalart #rats

I love Guinea Piggies cupcakes, but I hope those babies are all fostered or adopted :) this image better not support animal breeding!

Emmett wearing his new sweater his mom made :-)

Peruvian Guinea Pigs are Perfect Pet for Children of All Ages

Common breeds of guinea pigs #guineapigs #animalfunfacts #junglejim

After Seeing the Types of Guinea Pigs, You'll Want One Right Now

So Many Guinea Pigs So Pretty In Pink

So Many Guinea Pigs So Pretty In Pink

There are many different breeds of guinea pigs from long haired to shorter haired varieties. Here Top 12 Different Types of Guinea Pig Breeds.

Article: "How to Build a Stronger Bond with Your Guinea Pig."

Learn what steps you can be taking to build a stronger, closer bond between you and your guinea pig friend.