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If your toddler gets up raring to go at 5.30-6am, he's probably going to bed around 7-7.30pm. Remember, your toddler can sleep only so much. For some children, a later bedtime will help. Surprisingly, though, sometimes an earlier bedtime will help your toddler sleep later in the morning. This is because, if your child is going to bed too late, he'll be sleep-deprived and have more trouble sleeping soundly through the night and into the morning.

100 Top Resources for Typography and Hand-Lettering | Go Media Best Typography Resources We decided to pull together some of our very favorite resources for you today. Here’s what you’ll find below: Some of our favorite hand-letterers and typographers (some modern day experts on type, you might say!) Awesome type and hand-lettering tutorials Best sources of type and hand-lettering inspiration we’ve found Super inspirational found-type collections Books about type and hand-lettering

A Few of My Favorite Things: Best Fonts for Free. Mmmmm...that means they could also be embroidered.

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