Pillow Talk

Save money and make your own quote pillows #diy

button pillow #DIY

These are some great tips for using what you have to make wooden signs etc.

Stencil pillow cases

pillow heart

Who says your home can't be beautiful and you can still have cash in your wallet?

Ideal for reading, movie watching, and snuggling, this DIY Kid’s Pillow Bed, from It’s Always Autumn, is a fantastic homemade gift idea to make your kids smile. Let’s be real—even adults would love this!

DIY Present Box

DIY art

where you met. where you married. where you honeymooned. lovvvvveeee

DIY (IKEA Hack) - Ikea rug becomes Ikea pillow

signed by tina: Push-pin art....you could also paint the tops before hand

DIY flower balls. So cute!

Diy Handmade Bracelet

Canvas DIY glueing wooden letters to canvas and spray painting. so simple yet looks so pretty

DIY curtains

Mrs Burlap Throw Pillow

DIY Painting...do this and then stamp or stencil beach quote.