Peacock Tattoos are very popular tattoos. The peacock is one of the world's most beautiful birds. This can be said about the tattoo and their owners as well


there is something seductive about beautiful foot tattoo designs for girls. Here we have listed some common and great foot tattoo designs for women.

Boa sorte!

So vivid! but not overwhelming Photo Caption:The Hindu elephant god, Ganesha.

Te gusta?

Perfect color combo- next goal peacock feather tat curved from ankle to toes. After waiting 2 years and still sure I want it, yet not at that place in life yet where the meaning for it would be honest & true to me.

This amazing peacock tattoo across the hip and leg can be hidden under clothing and revealed only to an intimate loved one.

Three Tattoo Artists Revolutionize Chinese Tattoo Design «beautiful peacock, realistic, awesome on side and hip