Use this at the beginning of the year to get to know your students. Way more fun than a regular worksheet with a list of questions.

Will need to remember to use this next year.

homeworkopoly..maybe I will try this next year

Get to know you activity for first day of school

We do this every year in my 8th grade class. The kids enjoy introducing themselves this way since most are so fluent with Facebook/social media.

fun writing/beginning of year activity

Let me introduce myself worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by teachers

getting to know you games

This is a little Facebook themed first day of school activity. Students really love these, as I have used both a book report, and math report form ...characterization.

Hello english teacher. Your getting this when I graduate

get to know you sheet - to use next year for back to school night.

"Would You Rather..." Questions | Fun Get-To-Know-You idea

"Give Me a . and a ?" at the end of a lesson. Students have to write a quick statement about what they've learned and question they are not sure about. If they don't have a question they can create a quiz question.

As you plan this year's curriculum and activities, consider how you'll use your classroom space. Here are seven learning zones to help focus your students.

Snowball write 3 things about themselves on a sheet of white paper. They do not write their names on the paper. Wad it up and on your command, have a "snowball" (or baseball) fight. At the end of 1 minute, each student grabs the nearest snowball and tries to guess who wrote it. Teambuilding... I did this last year, and at the end of the year kids still listed it as a favorite memory!

Start of the year and then do what do you think a teacher wants in a student

beginning of the year papers

A list of ways to help disorganized students by Joy of Teaching!

Have a student sit on chair in front of white board and have others write a positive phrase about them, then take a picture. Don't let them see it...till they get the photo! Such a great end of the year activity or for those days when students are using unkind words about one another.