metal tube planters with succulents

Steel pipe garden edging filled with succulents. I want to do this painted PVC pipe (without the plants inside)

Save your coffee cans for flower pots!  Drill hole in the bottom then paint.

Recycled soup cans turned into flower pots. Maybe coffee cans, fun kid project!

How to Build and Plant a Succulent Garden - these planters would be good for just about any plant and add character to a garden :)

How to Build and Plant a Succulent Garden

PVC Pipe + Stone Paint = Easy, Do-It-Yourself Succulent Garden DOING THIS! This would be super cute in a succulent rock garden-have a bunch of these PCV pipes at different heights as the "centerpiece" to the garden!

Have cinder blocks left over from a construction project? Maybe you found some old cinder blocks while curb crawling? This is a great way to turn everyday cinder blocks into a cool planter. If you have a modern aesthetic, it'd be simple to add color, too. If you need more ideas for outdoor projects with cinder blocks, check out

Smith Mitchell Garden Project: Cinder Block Succulent Planter What a great idea. All of my raised beds are made with cinder blocks and next spring we are downsizing. I had no idea what to do with the extra blocks, now I know what to do with them.

Old fencing hung upside down to allow climbing plants to cling. Love this!

Creative Uses for Old Salvaged Garden Fencing and Gates upside down = garden arbor trellis Here, salvaged decorative garden edging is hung upside down from the porch soffit. What a beautiful way to turn old garden fencing and gates into new home decor

This is such a great idea. ~ Display of succulents in pots. The simplicity of this design as it really showcases each little pot and what's planted in it.

Heads Up

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Beautiful Garden Art - Grow Green Hair I love this, wish I could find some head planters to use.

Penny Ball for the garden. Pennies in the garden repel slugs and make hydrangeas blue.

How to Make A Penny Bowling Ball

Glue (heavy duty), bowling ball, and pennies=penny ball for the garden-Pennies in the garden repel slugs and make hydrangeas blue. Glue (heavy duty), bowling ball, and pennies!

"...tie legs with string and line with bin liners, fill with soil.  To reinfourse leg strength, place bamboo poles to support.  Plant grasses or what ever you like, stunning....."

Are you looking for some ideas to recycle old jeans? DIY Old Jeans Planters is a very special one to add something distinctive to your garden or lawn.

Love tranquility and relaxation? Water features can make it because they are not only beautiful but also calming and peaceful. Whether indoors or outdoors, water features such as a DIY waterfall or a fountain, they all can provide a fresh, comfortable, and natural element to the environment of your home that will add a peaceful …

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