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Figure: Head, Yoruba Peoples Date: 12th–15th century Geography: Nigeria, Esie region, Offa Culture: Yoruba peoples Medium: Soapstone

Africa | Ibeji figure with beaded cape from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | Wood, cloth, glass beads

Africa | Beaded crown from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | Glass beads and fiber

Prestige bowl; likely held kola nuts, a traditional gesture of hospitality offered to guests (also to deities during rituals). Artist: Olowe of Ise (c. 1875-c. 1938), Yoruba peoples, Ekiti region, Nigeria, Early 20th century, Sculptor to kings, Olowe of Ise is still honored among the Yoruba. His praise song says that he could carve iroko wood as though it was as soft as a gourd. photo by flickr user cliff1066™ #Africa #African #Yoruba