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Tile Wants You To Stop Losing Important Stuff

Tile- bluetooth low energy tags designed for attaching to valuable items so that these real-world objects — wallets, bikes, suitcases etc — can be traced if they go missing. “We’ve created a super, super inexpensive device that doesn’t need recharging, that gives GPS-like functionality,

MOTOROLA, SPARROW CONCEPT. It’s a given, we all love to shop but hate checking out. How do we enhance a retail experience? We worked with the Motorola’s Mobile Enterprise division to merge our extensive knowledge in retail with their expertise in technology to create the ultimate consumer facing mobile point of sale device (MPOS). By combining a solid strategy, product roadmap and careful research, we designed and developed the Sparrow. It combines a scanner, point of sale system…

Kelly Slater Recycled Denim Pouf

Celluon Magic Cube is an innovative mobile input device that projects virtual full-size keyboard onto any flat surface.