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Heart lock tattoo but with 3 keys because my children hold the keys to my heart. A halo or angel wings on one of them maybe?

Disney Princess took a spin as tattooed pinups. | 18 Best Disney Princess Fan Art Of 2013

18 Best Disney Princess Fan Art Of 2013

Grown up tattooed Tink. The quote isn't right "Not all who wander are lost". I've always wanted a Think tattoo okay just going to say wouldn't get this but two things I love have just collided. Tinkerbell and lotr

WANT THIS!?! But with a "K"/ Tiara

Initial tattoos and lettering tattoos can be designed in a variety of different ways. Initial tattoo designs are worn by both men and women. They usually hold symbolic value to the wearer. Initial tattoos can represent your own initials or the.

Latin~ "She flies with her own wings"

Alis volat propriis (Latin): she flies with her own wings Pretty Tatt if I ever choose.but it would have to be a dragonfly

most good tattoo artists will not use white ink as they look like scars...this one is pretty

black and white ink tattoo - would absolutely love this with a butterfly in place of the moon. or maybe with the moon.

30540103693844762_PY7barCi_c.jpg (tattoo)

Lace Fleur-de-lis Tattoo I am totally in love with this gonna have to figure out a way to incorporate a fleur de lis into the lace ink I want on my forearm.

Lock and Key, want to incorporate into my sleeve, again all my tats are going to be about matt and like i said before he had the key to my heart

Love the white accents. Without all the chain and swirls, the lock and key are beautiful enough! **maybe use they key design for my spoon tats