Méchant Design: chez Le Repère des Belettes....

Installations Antiques displayed a small picture in an arm/clamp magnet on this and it was amazing.

Handcrafted nickel silver cutlery by Yumi Nakamura, Japan.

How can design feel bold yet delicate, and naive yet elegant? Yumi Nakamura shows us how with her nickel silver cutlery.

black bowl try black clay and moire pattern in clear glaze on outside...clear or red on inside

Friedemann Bühler’s thin-walled bowls and vases are of wood collected from forests near his house. He carefully selects the best.

Dipped Trays

Dipped Trays

Although this piece is wood and not ceramic, I really enjoy the dipped look. I love how the line is so straight and breaks up the softness of the curve of the plate. Also, I love the use of the color gold. Gold always seems so rich and fabulous to me.