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I like the way the stone path looks to be sitting loose as a bridge through water feature. Great use of materials blending together


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These standing stones have been drilled up the middle to create fountains. The pump is hidden in the sump beneath.

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Lovely water feature and outdoor walls. Jennifer Horn Landscape Architecture

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bridge and not ... I wonder if I could do something like this for our drainage issues, guessing it wouldn't be such clear waters

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Using water features with lighting in minimalist design schemes

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A rivulet flows through it - stone path combined with shallow, flowing water - A feature of Les Jardins Agapanthe, Normandy, France {from The Garden Wanderer blog}

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stone trough

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A path of stepping stones, beautiful!

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Gerard Faivre Eygalieres: Le Mas des Isords

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ACHICA Living | Design & lifestyle magazinefrom ACHICA Living | Design & lifestyle magazine

10 best picnic spots in London

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Beautiful garden design with curvaceous lines and plants including wild ginger and pretty Rhododendron macabeanum. . Designed by Balston Agius


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An understated fountain is incorporated into the stairs and path of a paved walkway, creating the element of surprise. A boulder anchors one end of the stream, while at the other end, a basin captures the water, recycling it back to the rock.

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stone fountain

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humm never thought of mirror mosaic in garden paths--- ooohh. pretty mosaic path with mirrory sparkles.


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indoor garden


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