@Tori Hofius Shall we add a Lizard and a Spock? Class 56 Halloweenie!!

Rock, Paper, Scissor Halloween Costumes This could totally be my daughter & 2 of her friends for HWeen! Katy is Rock- Claire is scissors & Caroline paper!

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Cute Couple Costume: Kevin and Russell from Disney Pixar’s Up- if child is old enough to walk, use the old man from up costume previously pinned

Tooth  Tooth Fairy

120 Creative DIY Couples Costumes for Halloween


Sireno-man y chico perseve - con algo mas de clase (ropa) // Mermaid man & Barnacle boy costumes!-only with a little more class (aka clothes) please

Cosmo & Wanda (Fairly Odd Parents)

25 Couples' Costumes Inspired By Cartoons