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Plot Map. Might be helpful while outlining. I have no clue what'll work because I've always been a pantser. I'm pinning all the things!

✔ Plot clock. Same info you might see in a graph or scale format but this is an interesting visual that may click better in your mind. [ I may actually build a clock to help me ;) ]

3 Awesome Plot Structures For Building Bestseller (plus plotting tips for multi-povs and series) | She's Novel

This. Perfect. This is what annoys me about books where none of the main characters die--I know it's fiction, but c'mon, guys! Make it believable! If there is violence/a war/fighting/dangerous situations, etc in your story, and NONE of your MCs get hurt and/or die, that is SO unrealistic! Sometimes you have to kill your darlings, for the sake of writing a good story.

A Novel Idea: How to Make a Plot Board--it's super simple, it will keep your story organized, and I even made a video!

Wheel of Plot Twists! This is a fun idea, I may make a giant one with less ridiculous plot twists for fun

9 step plotting outline.. I usually NEVER plan. I sit and write and things happen but this might be fun to try

Plot: Characters v. Patterns- Thank you thank you. Now I get it I can stop beating myself up over a character arc

Babies Are The Most Honest With Emotions