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  • Jane Morgan

    A Dolion. The Unfortunate Magic of Chemistry.....

  • Wes Davis

    This is probably the most remarkable example of how far science is able to go with modern DNA and cross fertilization techniques; the dolion is a cross between a lion and a dog. In order to produce this incredible rare animal (only 3 dolions exist in laboratories – the photo above is of Rex, the first ever produced), individual strands of DNA from each creature must be combined and re-inserted in to a host egg. This is similar to the liger (lion/tiger crossbreed)

  • Ariella Myhill

    dolion - dog crossed with lion

  • Sherry Heater

    Rare Exotic Animals | This is called dolion. This is a crossbreed between lion and a dog ...a load of crap if I ever saw one!!!

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