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November Song--she has songs like this for every month as part of her kinder class calendar routine.

October song and poem (we did the ones for September too, and Em loved them!)

Het hoofdpersonage van het boek heet August. Voor mij komt dat van de maand augustus vandaar deze foto!

Calendar Songs for All 12 Months

She has a song for every month of the year. How fun! Rose Pendleton Ebling you may like these

March Song from Growing Kinders. Kathleen has a song for every month of the year #growingkindersfavoritethings

For Kinders...back to school calendar book. Keep them engaged with activities during calendar time

Magical fairytale themed calendar set. Includes days, months, numbers (0-31), and years (2013-2019) as well as "Today is / Yesterday was / Tomorrow will be / This month is / Last month was / Next month will be / This year is / Last year was / Next month will be" Suitable for Pre - 2nd Grade $

12 months and then you start back over 12 months Shout it in a cheer! 12 MONTHS! ...and then you start back over 12 Months are in a year January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December... Those are the months. 12 months in a year!