pink-and-only-pink. I almost bought a necklace just like this the other day but Haley said it had too much going on. I'm going back and getting it!

these colors. gorgeous!

Cute yellow sweater with polka dots shirt

Floating Illusion Necklace Blue and Pink by SparkleBeastDesign, $30.99

Loving the different prints, plus pink to give you that pop of color; also bold jewelry pieces (so important) ~ mpc

Fashion: Cute Casual Outfit; Hot Pink Sweater, Purple Top, and White Shorts with a Pink and Purple Statement Necklace


Gorgeous statement necklace

tory burch

PINK, denim and a statement necklace. What a fun outfit idea!

Cute & Casual ♥ L.O.V.E.

Pink Dana Necklace -- Just like their namesake, these necklaces are sweet, bright and sure to delight! #PreppyJewelry, Pink Statement Necklace, Pink Bead Necklace,

plaid + a doggy sweater

Shine Bright Statement Necklace #pink #glam #sparkle #fashion #style #statementnecklace - 22,90

all black + statement necklace

Don't be afraid to pair bold hues together! Start with a colorful solid blouse with a bright statement necklace. Keep the rest of your look neutral, to really make your color pop!


pinterest: @imthatamberlynn ❁

black crew neck sweater, white button-up shirt, black skinny jeans

A great office/professional look for the Spring Challenge. Bright flats would be a fun addition!

Pink Sails