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Perhaps no other herb, except garlic, crosses all barriers, foods versus medicine, Western versus Oriental, scientific versus folk tradition. Ginger is a universal herb in all respects. Components of ginger such as gingerol can inhibit the production of prostaglandins possibly more effectively that the arthritis drug domethicin. Ginger controls cramping and nausea The root has a stellar reputation for controlling nausea of all types. Studies have shown ginger to be especially effective in…

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10 Reasons Lemon Juice Is a Superfood: 1.Prevent kidney stones 2.Soothe a sore throat 3.Support weight loss 4.stimulate your digestive track and add vitamin C 5.Stop an itch 6.Aids in digestion 7.Anticancer properties 8.Potassium power 9.Bring down a fever 10.Balance pH

sassy water... Yum! to boost weight loss - 2L water, 1 medium cucumber, 1 lemon, 10-12 mint leaves. steep overnight in fridge and drink every day.

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5 Amazing Reasons to Eat Turmeric Daily

I started giving this to my husband for his Rheumatoid arthritis and it's only been a week and I kid you not, it's better than prednisone! M.S.

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Arm Workout For Women: 13 Exercises to Get Rid of Flabby Arms

You know what’s more annoying than having belly and back fat? Having flabby arms!. This article will give you workouts to do at home to get rid of them. You can use weights or no equipment at all. Not only flabby arms feel weird but they also don’t look nice especially when they finally sag and make us look like we have bat wings! Yikes! It’s also hard to accept that some friends and family would not only tease you for those arms but also