This is my argument against (most) strapless wedding dresses! (submitted by Trista)

He looks a bit embarrassed.

HAHAHAHA! This is exactly what I think every time I see something like this!!!

Jumpoline! OMG! It isn't right that I laughed so hard at this! I'm a bad person.

The 49 Funniest Pictures Of People Posing With Animals. THIS IS THE BEST THING I'VE EVERRRRRRRR SEEN!!!!!

“This is the way my mother found my sister sleeping. In her pajamas she has a puppet, a stuffed monkey, a stuffed seal, two blankets, and a watch.” (submitted by Devon)

Video: Pregnant and I Know It!

Awkward Family Photos


renaming mine... what do you think?

Definitely not the first pose you learn in wedding photography school. (submitted by Kevin)

The wind never stood a chance.

Lol the walking dead ...Totally saying this at my wedding someday


hate when people do this


She thought it was her best angle. (submitted by Lance)

She wasn’t going down without a fight. (submitted by Meaghan)

Seriously dying of laughter! COMPLETELY inappropriate but so funny and true.

Not sure if duck face…lmfao

Oh my word! Haha