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\\Flash photography\\ YES. ^^^^This!^^^^ |Humor||LOL||The Flash||Superheroes||Sarcasm|

This is the funniest thing I've read in a while. Tumblr stuff. I might have already pinned this but just incase here it is again.

How cowlicks happen!

These Kids Are Going Places (not college) But Places – 24 Pics

I could not stop laughing

Creative Packaging

So formal

Then and Now Photos - These are great!

“A Path Between Rice Fields” is a photorealistic painting by Japanese contemporary artist Makoto Aida which shows a young Japanese schoolgirl standing between two rice fields. The painting creates an optical illusion with the little girl’s parted hair line as it merges with the divide between the rice fields.



it would make me smile :)

LMAO @Dianne Amos