woman sitting pose


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like the pose

LOVE the light shining threw like that... Possibly one of my favorites!

Great poses

Boudoir #boudoir

I super LOVE this! The pose, the hair, the sweater!

Learn how to pose for a photograph http://www.indetails.com/3363/how-to-pose-for-a-photograph/

Perfect shirt. Maybe blends too much with the curtains here, but great fit and drape and the pose is good.

Go for a totally casual “I woke up like this” feel in your coziest sweater. | 33 Impossibly Sexy Boudoir Photo Poses

love that pose

Love that posing idea.

I like that she isn't showing much skin, but still looks sultry.

#boudoir pose with or without sheers

Boudoir pose

The pose angle and lighting work nice little more bounced on the face would be perfect

pretty pose #boudoir boudoir-photo-shoot-ideas

pose pose pose