I want one! Have each bridesmaid create a scrapbook page which includes a letter to the bride along with pictures. This is something she can read while she gets ready.

the maid of honor could put this together. have the mother of the bride, mother in law, bridesmaids, and friends of the bride write letters to her, then put them in a book so she can read them while getting ready the day of. the last page can be a letter from the groom!

wedding card book

After the rehearsal dinner -the last "single girl" kiss-- It'd be neat to have a last picture as an unmarried couple!


Every bride should have these for outside pictures!

Advice for the bride and groom. Great idea

"With only the bride and groom in color, it appears time has stopped" this is so cute..

Mother Of The Bride, Mother of the Bride Gift, Mother of the Bride Picture Frame, Thank You Gift for Mom, 16x16 A MOTHER HOLDS on Etsy, $75.00

Doing this. Wedding flowers, invitations, announcements in shadow box.

DIY Jenga guestbook wedding idea! The sign "Build memories sign a jenga piece" was made from a wood board with decal letters. Just buy the jenga game and spread the wood pieces out on the table. Buy 5-7 thin point black sharpies so your guests can write on them. Buy a big fish bowl for them to put the jenga blocks in when they were done. Lots of compliments!

Letters to the Bride Scrapbook, Wedding Bridal shower gift from the bridesmaids and maid matron of honor

How the bridesmaids met the bride. Aww!

Cute Mother of the Bride gift!

bridesmaids in the mirror, awesome idea

Lost? Confused? Can't find your pants? Please call anyone but the bride... contact card.... SUCH A GOOD IDEA! @Leslie Brinson, we should do these and put them in the welcome bags...or I can do them for you =)

Bridesmaids honoring cards.. Cute idea..

bridesmaids shirts... How old they were when you met, or how long you've been friends

The groom had the bride’s father write her a letter. The letter contained his approval of their relationship. :) // love love love

Proposal to your bridesmaid and maid of honor.

A site just like pinterest.. but solely for weddings. Saving for later.